Straight from the horse's mouth, here is what our candidates and clients have to say about us!


Andrew Bellisano 
"Scott Rice has been a great help for me along my career progression over the past few years. Not only was he instrumental in placing me in a role where I truly excelled and was able to learn, Scott has also been an honest and knowledgeable resource.
He is an excellent interview specialist, hardworking recruiter, and there are very few people tied into the Natural Products Industry like him. I have and will continue to recommend Scott to my friends and colleagues, because in my opinion, he is the best." 
- Andrew Bellisano, Director of Sales


Rick Dobbs

"I am writing to express my sincere thanks to Scott Rice for his support in helping me get what I consider to be my dream job. In applying for this job I came with experience but was putting the order of priorities of that experience differently than what Scott had suggested. I was more focused on current experience as a major benefit for me in this process. Scott gave me great advice as to what experience to draw from, who to ask for a reference from, and excellent rationale for why to prioritize these experiences. It is because of that advice that I was selected from a very competitive pool of experienced candidates. My new employer specifically pointed out that my emphasis on that experience was a determining factor in my selection over other exceptional candidates. Scott reviewed my resume and letter of interest for this position and not only gave specific advice, but rationale for why. I couldn't be happier with the support I've been given by Scott Rice and would recommend his services to anyone looking to have a leg up on the competition in their job search."

- Rick Dobbs, Principal


Katie Berlin

"I initially connected with Scott when he reached out with an opportunity to advance my career. Scott worked diligently to guide me through the interview and negotiation process ensuring both myself, and the organization, were on the same page. Ultimately, I landed the role with Scott's assistance, leveraging his expertise to nail down an attractive benefits package with an awesome organization in a role that I enjoy. I'd highly recommend working with Scott whether you're looking to revamp your resume, negotiate with a current or prospective employer or further advance your career."

- Katie Berlin, Director of Marketing


"Simply put, Scott Rice is one of the very best recruiters that I have worked with in my 30-year career! what separates Scott from the pack is his genuine interest in each of the folks that he works with.

I first met Scott at Expo West in 2009. During this three-day show, many recruiters would stop by the booth and basically ask what you could do for them - "please let us know if you have any openings that you are searching for." This is a very standard line from recruiters.

When Scott stopped by our booth I said to myself, "here we go again." However, to my surprise, Scott actually asked about me. Scott asked about my career and experience. he asked about my family and told me some personal stories about himself. Not once did Scott ask what I could do for him, it was more about getting to know me. I have to tell you that this was a very refreshing approach and I immediately liked Scott.

Needless to say, I have worked with Scott ever since. I achieved my role as VP of Sales at Gardein 100% due to Scott. I have filled many roles with Scott's assistance - he never pushes, he just listens and works from there.

Scott is an outstanding recruiting resource and I would highly recommend him!"

- Rick Bauman, VP of Sales & Marketing


"Scott Rice rocks! Whether it's interview preparation, LinkedIn optimization, offer negotiation, resume help, he does it all! Thanks so much!"

- Shawn Marvel, Eastern Sales Director


"I worked with Scott over 6 years ago to solidify my current role at Traditional Medicinals. It's been a great ride and I couldn't have done it without him.

Scott and his team have always shown the utmost professionalism and excel at interview preparation. We will catch up a couple times a year via phone or at trade shows."

- Dan Lindsay, Northeast Regional Sales Manager


"Scott and I have worked together for almost a decade. I am always impressed with Scott's professionalism and the time he spends preparing and walking me through the process. Whether it's interview preparation, recruiting or compensation consulting I know Scott has my back. Keep up the great work!

- David Forchione, VP Sales


"I've had the pleasure of working with Scott Rice for many years both as a candidate and client. Scott's interview preparation and understanding of comprehensive compensation packages makes him a valued expert in our industry.

His team is easy to work with and they immediately return all my calls and emails. I'd highly recommend Scott in the world of business transition and recruitment."

- Darian Alioto, VP Sales


"I've known Scott Rice on a personal level for probably about 15 years or more. I can say we've shared numerous duck blinds together and made more memories than I can recount. That being said, we've rarely talked shop as our careers have very little in common, until about 5 years ago. That's when my employer, at the time, decided to make some severe changes that left me in a position that was, shall I say, less than desirable. I had decided to make a change and seek a new employer. This would not be an easy task as I was over 40 years old and as a police officer it would be difficult to make myself attractive to prospective employers. Adding to that, I had been with my previous employer for 22 years and had not prepped for an interview in as long. In talking with Scott he shared several strategies and tactics to help me stand out in an interview. It worked! I immediately had positive feedback from prospective employers and received 2 offers. I have to give Scott a big thank you as I feel his suggestions definitely made me stand out in a field that was full of younger candidates. Thanks again Scott!

- Eric Puent, Police Officer - City of Galesville


Debbie Hansen Testimonial

Debbie Hansen

"Sarah, thank you for helping me update and improve my resume. Very few people understand this business like you do."

- Debbie Hansen, Regional Sales Manager


"Scott hasn't only been my recruiter, he's been a great acquaintance in helping me with my career transition. He always calls me back and is willing to help. His recruiter list is fantastic as the fourth recruiter I contacted had a role and was placed there shortly after. I was amazed at the number of recruiters in the CPG/Natural Products industry! Additionally, Scott takes phenomenal ownership of his candidates, and knows how to build meaningful, long standing relationships with those he works with. He won't place you then forget about you. Scott will be constantly rooting for you on the side lines and will work with you to keep your career moving along the right path. Recruiter, career counselor, adviser... Scott wears many impactful hats in this industry and I've seen him wear them all. I'm very grateful for the working relationship we have established and trust him 100%!"

- Ray Hall, Regional Sales Manager