Scott Rice

SCOTT RICE, Co-Founder & President

"Ground to fork. It's where I'm from, what I love, and why I do what I do."

Growing up in West Central Wisconsin on a farm Scott learned the virtues of natural/organic firsthand in the ways they grew vegetables and raised animals. Literally "ground to fork." Little did he know at the time his family was becoming part of the Midwest Organic movement that was gaining momentum 30 years ago in what is called the Driftless area.

This is where companies like Organic Valley, Westby Creamery and GoMacro are headquartered today and is home to the popular La Crosse and Viroqua Co-ops. Living in a small and tight community instilled many values that he carries with him today - Integrity, Honesty, Caring, Appreciation, Respect, Dedication, Effort and Unity - that all goes along with his hard work ethic. Farming is not easy, especially when doing it the right way!


Sarah Breunig, Co-Founder & General Manager

"Anything casserole and I'm there...but add the cheese and that's pure love for me."

As a Madison native, Sarah has always appreciated the value of good quality food. She grew up surrounded by food and loved all the restaurants, natural markets and grocery stores in her hometown that showcased local farmers.

In 2012, when the opportunity to become a Recruiter in the natural products industry arose, she thought to herself, "not only will I get to help people find jobs, I will be contributing to the vastly important health & wellness movement!"

Sarah Breunig